Anonymous asked:

Hi there! Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you were still taking commissions, by any chance? And if so, could I ask how much a waist-up, single character, full colour piece would cost, please? :S Really love your art :D

i’m sorry, i’m closed for commissions now, but i’m planning to open them later in october. i’ll post then a list with all costs 

Anonymous asked:

Something is wrong with your theme, cant reblog post with multiple images, sourin for example

ahh don’t want to change the theme and can’t fix it as well
i’m so dumb in these issues 

one of commissions i’ve madeworking on others~

september 2013 vs september 2014why did i choose this pic to redraw omg i hate myself the detaails
swmtk asked:

tbh that fuckin dolphin gif p much fits the color scheme for my latest sourin artwork I'm laughing so hard omg

lol it fits mine pic too
the gif is just perfect for sourin fandom

uta-no-feels-sama asked:

How cans I art like yous?

swmtk asked:

I'm glad I'm not the only sourin fanartist on tumblr bc those two neeD MUCH MORE FANART FFFFFF (your art is perf, thank you for existing ahh)

the fandom is strong >:3
thank you!

the-crown-of-clowns asked:

Your art makes me shed tears like I could stare at the makoharu (s) for hours and I feel like you've totally captured the dynamics A+++