incarniunknown: Hey, hey, hey! First of all, I really love your art and you are amazing and I wish I could put it in words how much I love your art but I can't... Though I am writing because I have a question... I am sorry if someone had been asking you this before but are you doing commissions? Just wanted to know so c: Well, yeah... Have a nice day/night, I guess :3 *hug*

thanks a lot *hugs*
yep, i’m open for commissions now
here is some info

derpiiesart: Your art is some of the most beautiful I've seen on here *-*

i’m glad you like it <3

guys thank you all so much for your kind words ~
my exams are over (finally! and i’m alive omg) so soon i’ll be able to do some tutorial stuff and requests 

Anonymous: I fell in love. With your art and your blog and you. And i don't think this will have an end. Now i'll be forever in love with you and your art and your blog.

aww that’s so sweet *hugs* 

songbirdandfox: That Eremika bedroom scene... I have been trying to draw that For a whole week And now I find out you've already drawn

true shippers think the same way

Anonymous: your art is pretty damn amazing ^^ senpai let me learn from you (^o^)/

thank you! if you need some tutorials, let me know) 

look-at-my-jean: Omg your art is amazing *__* Could you draw dark!Marco for me? Sadly there isn't much fanart and I love this charakter <3

i wish i had more timee (
i want to draw more marco since he is one of my favourite snk characters as well, but now i need to finish some other things..
maybe later i’ll do it. dark!marco promises to be rather hot. and violent. jean will be pleased 


just by trying random brushes in no particular order.. i guess? (・ω・´)
until i found that sai airbrush and water brush are enough for me so far, so i keep practising them for better results