Anonymous: If you ever sell anything you draw I will buy the hell out of your art. It's fantastic!

i’m busy with other commissions right now (if you mean them), for new ones i’ll be opened maybe in the next month 

Anonymous: Hiii! I think that anon might have been confused about who is who in "Night Swimming" due to the lightning since it makes their hair color more similar to each other. What tipped me off the most was 1. makoto is quite clearly bigger, 2. there is a slight difference in hair color and skin tone, and most importantly 3. the expressions are very in character, I could not picture them the other way around face-wise! And that's really difficult to achieve so don't be hard on yourself! :)

aww thank you <3 
the question whether they are noticeable or not really matters for me, because the pic is dark and their faces are in difficult position
i’m happy if it’s ok 

Anonymous: So in "Night Swimming" which one is Haru and which one is Makoto? I feel really stupid asking this, but I've been wondering for a long time.

daats how good my art is huh i can’t even make them recognizable
makoto is on the top ;)

Anonymous: Got a few Free! questions if you don't mind! :D 1) Who's your favorite character to draw and just in general 2) Thoughts on Sourin and Reigisa? 3) Is it just me or do Gou and her friend Chigusa have like small crushes on Makoto? Gou seems to like him better than the other boys and Chigusa's reaction to Mako's compliment in s1e11 was kinda fishy. Thanks! You're art is wonderful by the way, I especially like "i'll always be with you" because the way the hold each other is so gentle and tender

1. seems i like drawing haru (as long as i have him on all my few  free! drawings), and just in general… i thought i love him UNTIL THE 9TH EPISODE THO. i know he is in crisis and everything, but is it a good reason to hurt people who care about him? i’m kinda dissapointed, he seemed to be so thoughtful of others and then he smashes such painful words to rin’s face. however now we see how haru looks when he reaches a deadlock. not that i dislike him now, his reaction was quite understandable.. i just thought he is more mature. oh, and back to your question -  i like makoto, who is always careful of others. i like sousuke and rin too, but (the last episode again!!) they both act blindly, concentraiting on personal aims 
2. sourin ftw!! 

ahha in reigisa there is too much fanservice for me (if it’s possible for yaoi heart :D) i really love the way they met each other in the 1 season, and how their relations evolved from “don’t call me rei-chan, we’re not that close” to “we bought swim pants in similar style!” but sometimes it becoming too unreal for me (kinda jealous scenes, accent on that they are together everywhere..ehm, i see more fanservice than lively characters in it. just my opinion ^^)
3. mm i didn’t notice that gou pays more attention to makoto than the others. hehe still it’s possible, as well as in chigusa’s their company makoto looks the most manly and responsible guy, not to mention he has perfect body and angel smile, and the way he treats children.. who wouldn’t go mad for this? x3 
thank you, i’m glad you like it~

Anonymous: It's so frustrating for me to draw Haru for some reason because even though he has the most simple hairstyle (goddammit Rin with your crazy hair) and usually keeps no emotion on his face it's still harder than the other boys. Am I the only one, and are there any tips you have? Thanks!

ahha i understand, deadpan but sexy face is quite a difficult task for me, i prefer drawing emotions, so you’re definitely not the only one who have troubles with such things x) also, for me it’s easier to draw long hair. when it comes to short strands my head sometimes goes mad cause you have to draw all of them separately from each other still looking natural. and i prefer drawing crazy hair instead of “simple” hairstyle, it gives you more..freedom? 


sachi-pon: i want to ask about artistic fear. now or in the past, have you ever felt nervous about drawing something? have you ever struggled to try to push yourself out of your comfort zone? have you had times when you doubted yourself? were there times you saw another artist who was better, and that made you lose confidence? because artistic fear is something i've been trying to learn more about. it's something that has hurt me before, but i am overcoming it. i wanted to get your perspective on this!

oh yeeea, fear is the first artistic issue - it comes with the blank page, and the only solution to the problem is having a try. so, answering your questions, it feels like every new pose i draw is pushing myself out of the comfort zone, and it causes doubts like “will i ever be able to draw it beautifully? or will it always look that shitty??” because first tries are generally awful. afterall galleries of famous artists can bring despair to your amateur soul :( i’ve mentioned already that the best receipt for me of avoiding artistic hopelessness is looking though popular galleries from the oldest to newest works. it may make you feel better: firstly, you see that no one can draw beautifully from the birth, and secondly, you understand that the beauty is gained less by a talent and more by intensive practice and patience - it’s the only way. so then you create a new blank canvas and push yourself to become better through hard work,  just like everyone does. 

Anonymous: i'm surprised you don't have marco for your 1/2 body commission picture

Anonymous: Wow. I started watching Free! because of your amazing artwork (both the night swimming and the one of them underwater), and I didn't realize yet that Makoto and Haru are best friends. The first episode kind of made me think that Haru thought of Mako as a bother, but then shit happened (aka episodes 5 onwards) and I was drawn in completely. When did you first start shipping them?

hehe that almost-kissing resque scene, right? it was all like

though i’ve started shipping them really in the 2d season :) in the 1 season i payed more attention to rin, who was suffering all alone and needed haru badly. but more than i love heroes who were once smiley and positive and then turned to lonely and angsty, i love only characters who continue to act like it’s all ok while feeling broken inside. that’s why i have a little crush on makoto in the 2d season, when creators finally decided to tell more about his personality, feelings about future and their friendship background. (still i want’s never enough actually haha). and another reason why i kinda switched from harurin to makoharu is makoto’s silent acceptance of any choice haru would make no matter how it hurts him. whereas rin can come and go, being self-sufficient and acting on his own, makoto is always by his boyfriend’s side, even if he understands he is being left behind
even not talking about yaoi, such loyal friendship is beautiful